CBF: Brazilian Football Could Restart in June

Walter Feldman, secretary general of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF), said recently that teams in the Campeonato Brasileiro (National Football League) have begun to resume training and that the national league could resume in late June, based on the changing curve of new cases of coronary pneumonia.

AgĂȘncia Brasil reported that Feldman pointed out that all matches of the National Football League should be held in a closed state, and all activities will end in early 2021. He said that the return of the German Football League last weekend has brought hope and showed encouraging prospects for football activity around the world. The Secretary-General said: “The suspension is necessary and the return is possible. The return of the German league sets a good example. The resumption of the German football game is a good sign.”

The German football league was the first major league in the world to resume activities with a series of restrictions and security measures in place during matches. For example, closing the stadium gates, maintaining social distancing, and testing athletes and related staff for viruses.

According to Feldman, the preparation of the CBF health protocol has come to an end and will be sent to various football clubs after completion. The health protocol contains a number of recommendations for the resumption of competition during the epidemic, including testing for the coronavirus, maintaining social distancing, implementing hygiene measures, using private cars to pick up athletes, and closing the stadium gate during competitions. The Secretary-General stated that if there was no epidemic, the Brazilian Football League should have started in May. Now there is a chance that the national league will resume between the end of June and the beginning of July. He said: “There was a dramatic change in the epidemic, let’s see what happens in June. The intensification of the epidemic crisis now means that the situation will ease soon.”