Rhian Brewster has attracted the attention of many Premier League teams, and the warm-up performance will decide whether to stay or go!

Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster played half a season for Swansea City on loan last season. He scored 11 goals in 22 games, averaging 0.5 goals per game, proving that he has the potential to be a star of tomorrow. Take a look at Leicester City’s James Madison and Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount. Three of them also performed well during the Championship, and were able to shine in the Premier League. Although Swansea City lost to Brentford in the final playoff, Rhian Brewster has become a new popular star.

Success in youth football has saved Liverpool over £10million

Liverpool achieved good results last seasonand won the Premier League championship that they have been eager to win over the years. It is reasonable that they should have the ability to continue to win, but unfortunately due to the epidemic, it is understandable for the management to be prudent in financial management. Klopp also stated that this summer’s transfer window should not expect a blockbuster acquisition. Instead, the growth of a group of young players can save Liverpool tens of millions of pounds in transfer fees. Therefore, Rhian Brewster ‘s performance in the championship this half year can enable Klopp to reconsider him as the team’s substitute. Currently in pre-season training in Austria, there is a good chance that he will be included in the friendly against Stuttgart to see if he will stay on the team as a substitute forward this season.

Liverpool’s substitutes are often criticized level is not enough, but there are still netizens think that Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri have done a good performance as substitute forwards. The year before last, when Liverpool needed help the most, they played for Liverpool and became one of the biggest contributors to Liverpool’s Champions League. Both of them have performed as expected. The striker Trident has been in excellent condition for a long time this year, constantly scoring and bringing a winning record for the team. Divock Origi and Xherdan Shaqiri were the only two players who performed well in Liverpool’s 5:2 derby won over Everton. Most Liverpool fans were satisfied with their performance in the derby.

Divock Origi May Have Completed the Red Army Mission

There are many rumors that Divock Origi will leave after the season, and Divock Origi is the latest player to leave Anfield on the cup night. The image of him looking alone at home already seems to announce that he will leave Anfield. Even if he scored a 2-1 goal in the final match, he was not particularly excited.

In these two seasons, Divock Origi served as Mane’s secondary option, taking the left forward position rather than the forward position. The reason is that his skill is not suitable to replace Roberto Firmino’s position. In the absence of Roberto Firmino, Klopp would rather put Mane on the center position, while Divock Origi is on the left, just like the league match against Everton at home. Divock Origi should have been suitable as a forward position when playing 4231, so it would be more suitable for him to join some mid-lower teams than to stay in Liverpool. Just like Danny Ings of Southampton, he can score more than 20 Premier League goals in a season. Divock Origi should have this ability. There are rumors that Divok Origi has become Lazio’s acquisition target, but there is no further news for the time being.

Liverpool have stated that they will not sell Rhian Brewster, but it is still possible be on loan. It has been rumored that as many as six Premier League teams are interested in his future, including Leeds United, Newcastle United and Brighton. If Klopp finally decides that he is not needed as a substitute striker for the time being this season he will be inclined to go out on loan to a team in the middle or lower reaches of the Premier League for a chance to play. When Rhian Brewster certainly wants to stay at Liverpool to play in the EPL and Champions League, but would be happy to go out on loan to other EPL teams as well.