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Andre Schurrle: Mourinho damaged my ego, and I couldn’t understand him at that time

Former German national player Schurrle was recently interviewed by German host Joko Winterscheidt. He said that during his time at Chelsea, Mourinho was very brutal to him and he couldn’t understand what Mourinho wanted.

Schurrle joined Chelsea in 2013, but he left after only two years with the team. Although he was hailed as one of the most exciting attackers in Europe at the time, he did not play well under Mourinho…

Rhian Brewster has attracted the attention of many Premier League teams, and the warm-up performance will decide whether to stay or go!

Liverpool’s Rhian Brewster played half a season for Swansea City on loan last season. He scored 11 goals in 22 games, averaging 0.5 goals per game, proving that he has the potential to be a star of tomorrow. Take a look at Leicester City’s James Madison and Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount. Three of them also performed well during the Championship, and were able to shine in the Premier League. Although Swansea City lost to Brentford in the final playoff, Rhian Brewster has become a new popular star.

Chelsea are interested in Competing with Paris Saint-Germain for Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi

On May 25th, the British media “The Sun” reported that Chelsea is interested in Inter Milan striker Icardi, which will need to compete with Paris Saint-Germain. Currently Inter Milan’s asking price for Icardi more than 60 million euros. Let’s take a look at the details below. According to British media reports, Chelsea have joined the rivalry for Inter Milan striker Icardi.

“The Sun” stated that Paris Saint-Germain did not want to activate the buyout option (£62 million) in the Icardi loan contract, but wanted to renegotiate the price, which gave other teams an opportunity to do so. Paris’s new offer…

CBF: Brazilian Football Could Restart in June

Walter Feldman, secretary general of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF), said recently that teams in the Campeonato Brasileiro (National Football League) have begun to resume training and that the national league could resume in late June, based on the changing curve of new cases of coronary pneumonia. Agência Brasil reported that Feldman pointed out that all matches of the National Football League should be held in a closed state, and all activities will end in early 2021.He said that the return of the German Football League last weekend has brought hope and showed encouraging prospects for football activity around the…

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