Andre Schurrle: Mourinho damaged my ego, and I couldn’t understand him at that time

Former German national player Schurrle was recently interviewed by German host Joko Winterscheidt. He said that during his time at Chelsea, Mourinho was very brutal to him and he couldn’t understand what Mourinho wanted.

Schurrle joined Chelsea in 2013, but he left after only two years with the team. Although he was hailed as one of the most exciting attackers in Europe at the time, he did not play well under Mourinho.

Schurrle said: “He (Mourinho) is a brutal man. I always ask myself: Why does he do this? Why does he do this to me? Why does he do this to others?”

“In retrospect, I understood what he wanted and what resources he had on hand at the time. But at that time, with all the harshness and psychological pressure he brought, I really couldn’t deal with the requirements he had for me.”

“It was really tough at the time. I would often drive home after talking to him, thinking that I couldn’t make it anymore. What can I do? He built up an extremely high level of pressure.”

“I feel Mourinho likes me and wants to push me further in my career, but he still instils some thoughs that I can’t understand.”

Before the move to Chelsea, Schurrle had been in touch with Mourinho in Ballack’s farewell match, and Mourinho was his coach.

Schurrle said: “I was already in talks with Chelsea in June 2013. In that farewell match, Mourinho was my coach. At the time he said to me: If you don’t score two goals today, I’ll send you on loan to Southampton. I don’t know if he is joking.”

In In his first season under Mourinho, Schurrle did get some chances to play, but then his playing time became less and less. Schurrle said: “Usually, I would start the games, and he sub me off at halftime, then in the next game, I couldn’t be in the squad, and I could only watch from the stands. I couldn’t understand those practices at the time, my self-esteem was hit, and my ego was completely lost.” “Then I started to think about what he was thinking. Sometimes during training, I thought I was the only player he was keeping an eye on, but it might not be the case.”